What It Is: A powerful reboot for stressed and exhausted skin, this age-defying serum combines powerful line-lifting and skin-firming ingredients, suspended in golden droplets for maximum potency.

Best For: All Skin Types

Addresses: Signs of Stress including Fine lines and Wrinkles, Dullness, Loss of Firmness and Elasticity, Hyperpigmentation

Intensify the calming experience of this product with our expert Skin Meditation. Developed with Reiki master and holistic aesthetician Julie Civello Polier, each 2 minute meditation is designed to deeply repair, restore and rejuvenate skin. Just click the video below to watch and bring the power of the spa home.

Key Ingredients:

  • Tri·Serene™ Complex - Combining 250 mg Whole Plant Extract with Marine Micro-Algae and Wild Indigo extract, clinically tested to dial down and reverse the visible signs of stress on skin, our patent-pending complex is formulated to rejuvenate and calm.  
  • Golden Vitamin C – A highly potent form of Vitamin C stabilized with submicrometric gold, it penetrates deeply to firm and brighten skin
  • TriPeptide Complex – Combining 3 potent peptides it's clinically proven to significantly reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

The results speak for themselves*

  • 97% agree skin feels calmed
  • 94% agree skin feels smoother
  • 89% agree it reboots tired and dull skin
  • 89% agree skin is visibly more radiant

Over 28 days, 88% perceived a significant, visible improvement in overall skin tone

*Independent consumer testing panel with 104 women aged 29-55 using the product over 28 days

Harnessing the science of calm

We partnered with a leading Psycho-Dermatologist on a unique quest: to identify and harness nature’s most powerful stress relievers to dial down the impact of stress on the skin. From our global journey of discovery came the ultimate path to calm:

from the land Hemp extract

Clinically proven to rebalance stressed skin to help regulate oil production and keep skin clear.


Clinically proven to reduce skin’s inflammatory response to relieve dryness, sensitivity and redness.

from the mountains WILD INDIGO EXTRACT

Clinically proven to decrease Cortisol levels, protecting Collagen and preventing stress-driven signs of aging.