It's not your skin. It's Stress.

Your body's natural stress response produces specific hormones that cause your most hard-to-solve skin issues.

When You're stressed

Your Natural response...

The result on your skin

Adrenaline rises

Pro-Inflammatory response kicks in

dryness, sensitivity, redness

cortisol spikes

Collagen is damaged and ages prematurely

fine lines, wrinkles, loss of firmness

Substance P releases

skin increases sebum

oily skin and breakouts

Harnessing the science of calm

We partnered with a leading Psycho-Dermatologist on a unique quest: to identify and harness nature’s most powerful stress relievers to dial down the impact of stress on the skin. From our global journey of discovery came the ultimate path to calm:

from the land Hemp extract

Clinically proven to rebalance stressed skin to help regulate oil production and keep skin clear.


Clinically proven to reduce skin’s inflammatory response to relieve dryness, sensitivity and redness.

from the mountains WILD INDIGO EXTRACT

Clinically proven to decrease Cortisol levels, protecting Collagen and preventing stress-driven signs of aging.

Undo the effects of stress on your skin with our Tri-Serene formula

It’s dermatology and psychology, blended to perfection. Loum’s Tri-Serene formula tackles stress hormones at the source. It’s made from nature’s most potent stress relievers—and is clinically tested to dial down and reverse the effects of stress on your skin.

Meet Our Experts

We know dialling down stress requires a holistic approach so we work with a multi-disciplinary panel of experts to understand how we can undo the impact of stress on your skin and your psyche:

Dr. Francisco Tausk, Psycho-Dermatologist

Francisco Tausk, M.D., is Professor of Dermatology, Allergy, Immunology and Rheumatology at the University of Rochester and one of the world’s leading Psycho-Dermatologists.

He received his medical training in the University of Buenos Aires, followed by 8 years at the University of California in San Diego performing basic science research. He spent 15 years in Johns Hopkins University, where he was Assistant Professor of Dermatology and Neurosciences and later Associated Professor and Training Program Director of the Department of Dermatology before joining the University of Rochester in 2005.

He is past President of the Association for Psychoneurocutaneous Medicine of North America. Dr. Tausk has lectured extensively nationally and internationally on the effects of stress on skin diseases for the past 30 years.

Dr. Sanam Hafeez, Neuro-Pyschologist

Sanam Hafeez, PsyD, is a practicing, licensed Neuro-Psychologist and Faculty member at Columbia University, New York. 

Her research interests include the effects of social media on brain function to ADHD, depression, and beauty and wellness and the role of psychological processes.  She is a contributing author to a range of publications including The New York Times, The Washington Post and The Wall Street Journal among others and a regular expert guest on network TV including CNN, CBS and NBC.

Michael James Wong, Mindfulness Expert

Michael James Wong is an expert teacher, speaker and author in yoga, mindfulness and meditation. Internationally recognised as one of the most relevant voices in the modern era of mindfulness, Wong is mission- driven to inspire change and bring people together in community, connection and quiet.